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Rainbow Relaxation for the Classroom

The FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme for Schools

Lorraine Senior Founder of FRT has brought together her extensive experience in the education system and knowledge of the nurturing touch of reflexology to produce and deliver an innovative training programme for the hands, tailored to meet your school requirements.

The structured, positive touch, adult led activity can be easily implemented into the classroom environment. Delivered primarily to support the wellbeing of the pupil, the activity can be used to address individual and class targets and provide a link to topics and curriculum areas.

The repetitive relaxation movements encourage the receiver to feel good. Being in a better frame of mind may help them to focus, to engage and cope with ongoing activities and challenges.

Support the wellbeing of your pupils and your staff

All staff attending training will;
  • learn a little about the many benefits of relaxation, reflexology and positive touch
  • experience receiving the touch and feel confident to deliver the routine
  • learn how to introduce the FRT tool kit and how it can support the session
  • be encouraged to consider some of their pupils and how this might support them
  • discuss and record the activity, individual and classroom targets and consider curriculum links through using the rainbow and through creating a story
  • receive handouts and a basic tool kit to get FRT up and running in the classroom.
Post training your school will;
  • receive information about FRT and training to share with parents and carers
  • have the opportunity for ongoing support / contact with FRT
  • receive information about the value of Reflexology Therapy Sessions on the timetable delivered by a qualified Reflexologist using the FRT Framework and local links for support for parent workshops.
The value of the FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme for the Classroom a headteachers view.

The FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme for the Classroom – Lorraine Senior

Feedback from pupils, staff, schools and parents is very important, to achieve the vision and continued development of FRT in the classroom.

We look forward to sharing best practice and the many benefits along with how it is being successfully introduced and delivered in both the special and mainstream classroom environments.

Please read the brief course outline link below and contact Lorraine to find out more about the training for your staff, the cost and how your school can arrange an inset day.

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Lorraine Senior is the only trainer of the FRT programme for schools, education establishments and private education consultants.

Call 01371 875372 or email her now to discuss how FRT training would help in your school

FRT Client Testimonial

“Excellent course, Lorraine was very patient and very informative with all my questions”

In School Training Sept 2015

FRT Client Testimonial

“The children really like helping to prepare the area, the tool kit is a great object of reference”

In School Training Sept 2015

FRT Client Testimonial

“Some pupils like to follow the rainbow sheet it helps them to see a start and finish”

In School Training Sept 2015