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Global projects

Functional Reflex Therapy Global Projects

Sharing the nurturing touch of reflexology through the FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme supporting the emotional wellbeing of children and adults, reaching out to challenging environments and communities throughout the world.

Global Project Trips

Global Projects Zambia 2022

The FRT Global Project

The FRT team are thankful for the links that have continued with wonderful colleagues in Zambia.

The good news is that we are working together looking for new and innovative ways to reach more schools throughout the Southern Province and beyond with the FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme and this is very exciting.

Enjoy news from the recent 2022 Global Project and see how you can get involved to help make a difference.

Our project began in July 2017 when FRT travelled to St Mulumba Special school in Choma, Zambia, Africa.

St. Mulumba is a special place that provides a home, education and family support for over 200 children with physical, emotional and life changing conditions. A number are orphaned, some have HIV and need very special care and support.

Warmly welcomed by staff and pupils we felt very privileged to have time to share the skills to deliver the Functional Reflex Therapy Routine working with staff and many of the pupils.

We received such wonderful feedback and observed some lovely responses from staff and children, it made us determined to continue our support.

St-Mulumba Special School in Choma

FRT Global Project 2018

The FRT team returned to Zambia in July 2018, accepting invitations to visit and work with staff, pupils and parents in three schools.

Our project began in Siavonga Primary School, which can be found lying on the north shore of Lake Kariba. We then moved to Flamboyant Special School in Mazabuka for a further week before heading to St Mulumba Special School. It was wonderful to return to Choma following our trip in 2017. A privilege to provide ongoing FRT support for staff and pupils and to introduce some new educational activities and therapies.

Our fundraising enabled us to provide FRT tool kits for each school, educational materials, communication symbols, resources and some personal products for the orphanage.

Enjoy a flavour of the FRT Global Project support in Zambia 2018

FRT Global Project 2019

The FRT team returned to Zambia in June 2019; privileged to support two more special schools and delighted to make a return visit to St Mulumba.

This year the project began in Livingstone at the small Cheshire Homes Special Education Unit. We were able to work with staff and pupils also with parents and grandparents who came to work with us in the classroom. Everyone enjoyed learning the FRT hand routine. Not only did the parents work with their children to deliver the positive touch activity but the children gave the routine to their parents.

How beautiful it was to see this happening in the relatively short time we had been working with them all.

Travelling on to Sinazongwe district we were welcomed into Maamba Special School for a week and continued to share the positive touch skills to deliver the FRT rainbow routine. At this school we worked with all staff and all 72 pupils during the week.

This year during the project we were invited to visit the Principal Education Standards Officer PESO the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) and meet up again with the Senior education Officer for the Southern Province.

The FRT team say a big thank you to Zambia for your interest and enthusiasm embracing the FRT rainbow programme for schools.

 FRT Global Project 2022

This year, like many people we were still a little apprehensive about travelling, so we based ourselves at St Mulumba Special School in Choma, providing training with the FRT rainbow programme for teachers, support staff, house mothers, parents and for many young people.

It did however take us much further than we had anticipated as our plans changed and flights were rescheduled, we travelled far and wide to take advantage of new opportunities. We were very grateful for all the help and for our safe travels.

Warmly welcomed back by the Senior Education Standards Officer from the Ministry of General Education in the Southern Province and the Headteacher of St Mulumba Special School, the team also had the privilege to meet and share the work of FRT for possible future project support with the Principal of the Zambia Institute of Special Education (ZAMISE), the Headteacher of the Multisensory International School in Lusaka and staff and Headteacher at the Airport School in Choma.

Thank you everyone.

The main aim of the FRT Global Project will always be to share skills and teach The Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Programme for the Classroom. But WOW! It is developing beyond our expectations and becoming so much more, there is lots we can offer and with your help it will continue to evolve.

FRT Global Project 2023

The FRT team, were delighted to return to Zambia for a 5th visit in 2023. It was a privilege to work with new schools, connect with new staff, parents, grandparents, young people, and church groups. Introducing the Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Programme.

We invite you to enjoy the project video for 2023. With much gratitude to the many people who have continued to support our efforts; without whom the project would not be possible. And to share our vision for ongoing development as we work alongside our education colleagues in Zambia.

Together we are creating a positive difference.

Welcome to the Functional Reflex Therapy Global Project 2024

We are hopeful to continue our work with a sixth visit in 2024 with the transformative Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Programme.
Your generous contributions can make a significant difference. The funds we rise go directly towards essential training resources for the programme and educational materials that we can share with schools. The FRT tool kit, a key component of our initiative, includes resources designed to support communication with objects of reference for young people facing difficulties with their communication.
If there is a specific area you’d like to support with your donation, whether it’s resources, education equipment, games, toys, food, clothing or shoes, sponsorship to support young people at St Mulumba Special School, please let us know

Would you like to get involved and support the FRT project 2024 and beyond…

Global Projects logo

Sponsor an FRT tool kit
£35 will provide an FRT tool kit which includes all training material and resources for one member of staff to support the delivery of the rainbow relaxation routine. You can have your personal name / business name or website printed on the reverse and as an extra thank you FRT will shout out lots and share your details.

Global Projects logo

Find out more about St Mulumba ‘home from home’ and how you can support a young person for a whole year or beyond.
St Mulumba Special School is home for over 200 young people with diverse and complex needs. They provide education, accommodation, food, and clothing with much love and care. Drop me an email to find out how you can help to make a difference for a young person through a sponsorship scheme with direct links with the headteacher and regular updates to know how your funding is being used.

Global Projects logo

Businesses can you support?
Can you support in other ways? We can link you. Building and Construction. ICT and technology support. Equipment for the classroom. Funding food. Funding clothing or even better funds to support a sewing project local to St Mulumba where skilled sewers can make and deliver school uniforms. Sports kits – can you believe the boys support Liverpool! But they would love their own school colours and named football kit if you can provide it, we will get it to them!

If you would like more information or have ideas to help to make a difference, please do not hesitate to contact FRT. We look forward to hearing from you.


If you are a business or individual that would like to get involved with the FRT Global Projects support for schools and community groups, please email to find out more about our work and vision.