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FRT Training for Health Care Assistants

The Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Routine for healthcare assistants is shared through a professionally packaged, informative, practical workshop led by a qualified FRT Reflexologist in your local area.

The workshop will prepare you with skills to deliver the structured FRT relaxation routine for the hands in your place of work. The intention is for you to provide a pleasurable, positive touch activity to support the wellbeing of the residents or day centre visitors.

Your employer will be required to adhere to and take full responsibility post training to support staff who deliver the FRT relaxation routine in their place of work


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What will I learn?  
  • A little information about Reflexology and Functional Reflex Therapy
  • The many benefits of using the respectful positive touch relaxation routine
  • Practical skills to deliver the hand routine
  • How to develop a useful tool kit to support your relaxation time and help with communication for the receiver if it is appropriate.
  • Guidelines for good practice for delivery of the routine in your place of work
  • Awareness of your personal responsibility
  • An understanding of the responsibility agreed by your employer for support post training
How do I learn?
  • Workshops for hands arranged through your place of work with your local FRT Reflexologist
  • 4 hours
  • Visit the find a therapist page and contact the qualified FRT Reflexologist running workshops near to you for dates, venues and costs.

Training for Health Care Assistants

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Does the workshop provide me with a qualification?

The workshop is not part of any recognised reflexology training course. It does not provide you with a qualification.

Can I teach others?

FRT respectfully asks that you do not try to teach others and that if you have enjoyed the learning you share the information about workshops and support your local reflexologist.

Can I use the title Functional Reflex Therapist?

Attending the workshop does not give you permission to use the title Functional Reflex Therapist. It prepares you with skills to deliver the relaxation routine in your care role within the residential environment.

Of course it also provides you with lovely relaxation skills to use with your family in the comfort of your own home.

See if there is an FRT therapist in your area here or contact Lorraine on 01371 875372 or by email for details.