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Ending your reflexology session with fun and laughter

It has been wonderful to see the important information shared during World Mental Health Day highlighting mental health awareness.
There are so many wonderful methods of reflexology that we can incorporate, encouraging the body to relax and to bring about a feeling of well-being, many being valuable for older age and for vulnerable clients with dementia
one person’s amazing vision, energy and enthusiasm has been inspirational and brought a beautiful restorative, calming space to St Mulumba Special School in Choma
Since receiving the email, inviting me to be a guest speaker at the ICR Conference in Taitung Taiwan 2017, I have had quite a learning curve and many new challenges to work with.
The FRT tool kit is a great resource. It is used as an object of reference to help the children to prepare for the session.
Our first full day in school today began with a meeting the headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Senior staff team.
A challenging afternoon for us both... what you can fit in a suitcase or two, or three or four is just amazing!
I attended a one day conference in Coventry this month which was aimed primarily at professionals and organisations that support young people with intellectual and development disabilities and their families.
We were delighted to be featured in April/May edition of the Special Children Magazine with an article highlighting the use of reflexology in schools. Please click here to see the full article.
On June 14th I had the opportunity to visit The National Event for Autism held at the Excel Centre London dedicated to the two million people in the UK who live and work with autism on a daily basis.
The March training day for the multi disciplinary team was attended by Occupational Therapists working with children and adults in different environments and in different authorities.