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Reflection on Functional Reflex Training JAN 2014

Reflection on Functional Reflex Training JAN 2014

As I reflect on the presentation of my first two day training course for qualified Reflexologists sharing Functional Reflex Therapy I feel very proud, it was a really positive experience and now I’m really looking forward to next month, when I have the opportunity to do it all over again.

All my nerves soon disappeared as I could see how quickly the therapists were beginning to relish the information and how their enthusiasm was building as they began to think about ways to develop their business in this field using a new approach and where it might take them.

There were many things I learned too during the training so thank you for the information that you shared and for your valuable feedback. I have welcomed three new members to the Functional Reflex Therapy Network.

Lorraine’s enthusiasm, knowledge and course content were second to none. Attending the course made me really appreciate the value of the FRT approach within both school and home environment for calming in preparation for other activities and interactions. I have come away feeling I have gained a valuable skill for my therapy “tool kit”, together with a huge amount of guidance to take it forward. The DVD footage of the children receiving the therapy was inspirational. I can recommend this course without hesitation and the on-going support of the FRT network is a huge bonus!
Julie Munnings – Reflexologist FRT training course January 2014