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Ledbury Primary School Experience of FRT

Ledbury Primary School Experience of FRT

Functional Reflex Therapy at Ledbury Primary School submitted by FRT Reflexologist Sara Valve

Ledbury Primary School“After completing a very enjoyable weekend training course on Functional Reflex Therapy (which was inspirational) I returned to school to give a presentation to the headteacher Mrs Rees and the SENCo Mrs Mason about the many benefits for offering the FRT relaxation routine as a timetabled therapy supporting Reflexology for the pupils and for the school.”

“I am using FRT in a mainstream primary school and I have adapted some of the material provided on the training course to make it more appropriate to meet the needs of the pupils I am working with and for the school.”

“I use the cleverly designed FRT ‘tool kit’ that Lorraine has devised not only a practical way of keeping equipment together but it is an excellent ‘object of reference’. It gives a simple and immediate message that it is time for the session. It may not be as important as it would be in a special school or for pupils with very challenging communication issues however it is very useful for involving the child setting up and putting away items from the bag.”

“I wear the FRT polo shirt which gives me a professional image and makes me instantly recognisable.”

“Since June 2015 I have been seeing eight children weekly. I am constantly developing and learning as no two children’s needs are the same. Having said that they all love the rainbow and my intention continues to be relaxation and supporting their wellbeing.”

“As a way of recording how the children are feeling before and after the therapy session I have designed a special chart using the rainbow, stepping stones and a pot of gold. It adds a valuable fun yet purposeful activity for the children to be involved in the session and be able to feedback how they feel and perhaps how their mood changes during the session and from the beginning to the end. The sessions continue to encourage them to relax ‘in the moment’ and may help them to prepare for ongoing activities and be in a better frame of mind for learning.”

“I continue to record parent and teacher feedback and the school is really pleased seeing the positive effects FRT is having.”

Thank you Sara it is great to hear how you have taken your training and developed the idea of FRT to make it right for the environment within which you are working and right for the pupils you are working with. FRT looks forward to hearing much more as it continues to develop as a valued supportive timetabled therapy within the school and perhaps we can share your information with other mainstream primary schools.