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ICR Conference in Taitung Taiwan 2017

Stepping out of my comfort zone.

Since receiving the email, inviting me to be a guest speaker at the ICR Conference in Taitung Taiwan 2017, I have had quite a learning curve and many new challenges to work with.

ICR certificate

Initially the word exciting did spring to mind along with apprehensive, worried and scared. I felt confident about my work, even though I am quite new to the world of Reflexology. I have great experience and knowledge of my subject area including education, special needs and reflexology; my work is valuable and respected. However, the more I began to think about the invitation the more nervous I felt. This exciting opportunity was certainly going to push me out of my comfort zone.

  • This was to be the first presentation I was going to deliver at a global conference, attended by over 130 delegates form 18 countries. In fact, it was to be the first full conference I would be attending!
  • This was the first time I had to provide a script to be translated into several languages, several months in advance of the conference date.
  • I wanted delegates to take away from my presentation an understanding of the intention of the Functional Reflex Therapy framework used in school making Reflexology Therapy accessible to all.
  • I wanted to inspire Reflexologists and provide them with ideas, where we can take our service as a therapeutic intervention.
  • I wanted the hour of sharing to be memorable for the right reasons.
Where to start?

I had lots of ideas racing around and took some advice and support to help me provide some lovely visual evidence of my work in action, how to display and give a good visual presentation.

The conference soon arrived and was underway, those 12 months certainly flew by!

By the end of the second day when I was scheduled to deliver my presentation, I was so incredibly nervous; it had been a very long learning and sharing day and I was following some fabulous speakers.

My mind was constantly asking what if I forget my words? What if I speak too fast or too slow? What if the delegates do not enjoy the hour? But I reassured myself, I was well prepared and just needed to get on with it.

Just how we all feel, when we step outside our comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Well I am proud to say… the what if never came into play!

It turned into – the very proud feeling of where did that hour go? I had finished. And my audience was very kind.

I could say I ‘almost’ enjoyed it!

On reflection of course, I have ideas of how I would change my explanations, things I would remove and information I would add, but it’s right we look to develop and improve.

ICR certificateI want to add some very special thank you’s

To the ICR International council of Reflexologists www.icr-reflexology.org for their interest in Reflexology using the Functional Reflex Therapy Framework and the opportunity to share my work.

To Jordan Bright at Capture House Photography www.capturehouse.co.uk for taking time in school with me, to understand the therapy sessions and respectfully putting together beautiful video footage of my work and the young people.

To Reece Smith at SM Design can be contacted www.activwebdesignessex.co.uk for his patience and managing to listen and use all my ideas working with me on my PowerPoint.

To widgit for providing symbols for great visual and communication support www.widgit.com

To the headteacher, staff, parents and in particular the young people from Harlow Fields School and Sixth Form College in Essex, where Reflexology Therapy using the Functional reflex Therapy Approach is on the timetable.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference experience, it is learning and sharing, giving and receiving, supporting and a special time to make new business contacts and new friends from around the world.

My further personal challenges seem to take second place, travelling for me on my own, wow! Over 10,000km, very new to me. I met some lovely people both on the plane and in Taiwan, where I was pointed in the right direction on several occasions; so friendly and helpful to a lost looking sole!

The bonus after several flight delays and learning all about the joys of international travel was three seats to myself on the long return and a few hours of stretched out sleep fabulous smiley

There are so many photos available on the ICR page do visit, but in the meantime, please enjoy a few of my snaps and my Reflexology adventure and perhaps consider taking on a new challenge or stepping out of your comfort zone as a great personal achievement.

Steps of all sizes help us to move forward.

Thank you 謝 謝

ICR Conference in TaitungICR Conference in TaitungICR Conference in TaitungICR Conference in TaitungICR Conference in TaitungICR Conference in TaitungICR Conference in TaitungICR Conference in TaitungICR Conference in Taitung