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Functional Reflex Therapy Global Projects

FRT launches new logo

Many of you may have seen the new logo for the Functional Reflex Therapy Global Projects on a variety of social media platforms. Thank you for your lovely comments. I thought you would like to know the idea behind it.

Firstly, a little background…FRT-global-projects-logo

Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) works on many levels, and you will see a few similar, yet different logos appearing.

Supportive to the qualified reflexologist, who may deliver their therapy with the Functional Reflex Therapy Framework; using the repetitive, rhythmical relaxation routine as a base for their session the qualified Reflexologist is also able to bring into the session specific techniques from their own learning and experience to best meet the needs of the receiver and address specific issues or conditions.

FRT workshops to support parents and family members are offered by qualified Reflexologists FRT trained, preparing parents to deliver the FRT rainbow relaxation routine with their own children and friends and family. This routine includes eight simple yet powerful repetitive relaxation techniques, taught through the order of the colours of the rainbow.

With such beneficial skills to share it is the vision of FRT that trained FRT reflexologists look for opportunities to share the routine in environments around the world that may be thought of as ‘more challenging’.

What is a ‘challenging’ environment?

Well, your idea of challenging is open to interpretation. We are looking for many different environments that may present us with a challenge to access as well as perhaps a cultural learning experience; where we can empower individuals with safe, easy to learn techniques drawn from reflexology to support the wellbeing of loved ones and people they care for with the nurturing positive touch of the FRT relaxation routine. It is as relaxing for the giver as the receiver, and fabulous support for all.

2018 provides FRT with another opportunity to return to Zambia. Two members of the FRT team will work with staff and children in three different schools for young people with communication issues and intellectual disabilities. There may also be the opportunity to reach parents out in local villages and communities.

I wanted to provide something visual to share the development of the projects, as we begin to share the FRT rainbow relaxation routine around the world.

It is my strong wish (if I’m lucky) I will have an opportunity to be involved in an annual project somewhere in the world, perhaps with different members of the team but also to see FRT qualified reflexologists look to develop their own projects. If FRT can support them in a small way that would be just brilliant.

So, as I mentioned you will see similar yet different logos… of course the hand and foot with the smiley face will always represent FRT.

To read more about the FRT Global Project 2018 please visit: https://www.functionalreflextherapy.co.uk/about-lorraine/frt-global-projects

If you would like to support the project with donations to provide training materials, education resources and some personal products that we are taking with us, do drop me a message or visit the JustGiving page at: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lorraine-senior You will see I have a small challenge next month with a small team

If you like the new logo, here’s a shout out to Reece at SM Design. Reece loves a challenge and listens very carefully to my ideas. If you have a challenge or an idea you would like to take forward, drop him a message at: https://www.activdmnorthessex.com/graphic-design/

More news… In June, FRT will be updating its website with lots of new information. I cannot wait to let you know when it’s launched, so you can visit and let me know your thoughts.

Wishing you a great month ahead.