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FRT Self-Help in the Classroom

FRT Self-Help in the Classroom

Enjoy the peacefulness and focus of my students using the Functional Reflex Therapy self-help routine in the classroom.

FRT Self-Help in the Classroom

Allowing themselves to enter the session removes them away from the busy world around them. It encourages the mind to be still, it encourages slow and deep breathing, it encourages the individual to feel calm and get ready to approach the next activity.

Working with the principles of reflexology, when delivering each movement, the students are encouraged to think about the specific areas of their body that each movement corresponds to, they are encouraged to think about themselves, to take time to be present in the moment and be respectful of those around them with quietness.

At school one of the lovely things about the classroom sessions is that children, teachers and support staff work side by side all sharing the space and supporting their own wellbeing.

I am in a very privileged position as a qualified reflexologist to deliver individual reflexology therapy supported by the Functional reflex Therapy Framework on the timetable during the school day and the school setting provides me with the opportunity to work with groups in the classroom.

As this week draws to a close it brings an end to the Uk’s national week 13th – 19th 2019, to raise awareness to mental health issues. I have read many articles promoting ways to support each other within the working in environment, that surely includes adults and children during the school day, after all that is their working environment.

There are many children and adults coping with daily ongoing challenges throughout the year. It is so important to consider having a range of accessible activities and strategies to support emotional wellbeing during the school day.

I am so proud to share this work with you; to say well done to the students and thank Harlow Fields School and College. This is just one of the many supportive activities we have available for our students at school. 

I would love to hear how this picture makes you feel and the activities you have in school to support students and staff.