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FRT in the Classroom

Using FRT in the Classroom: My aims and a Headteacher’s experience.

FRT in the ClassroomOver the past three years I have been developing training (either as one or two days depending on the children and school) to share the FRT rainbow relaxation routine with teaching and support staff for them to use within the classroom.

Sharing the basic techniques allows staff to use the 10/15 minute structured, repetitive, relaxation routine within the classroom at a time that works well on individual timetables and when they feel it will best meet the needs of the children. Although I have shared my vision on my website I haven’t approached any schools directly to-date. However, I am thrilled that information is being shared and I have been invited and had the opportunity to trial the idea in a few.

This has provided me with the opportunity to talk to and question the headteachers and staff, so that the FRT training for the classroom will meet the level of training required to take the relaxation into a professional environment.

I have drawn on my educational experience, which includes over 20 years in the classroom, and understanding of the requirements needed for its use within school. to develop the professional package for the classroom.

This knowledge and experience, I feel, put me in a position to begin to highlight some of the links that can be addressed whilst using the relaxation routine. This also allowed me to feel comfortable when being questioned by staff and to discuss the different assessment tools and targets.

The schools I have worked with, have agreed to work within the guidelines I provide them with, and they have specific information to share with parents about their training and how they are looking to use it in their school. Only the staff who have attended training with me are the staff who use it in the school.

I received this wonderful feedback from Caroline Currie the headteacher who I was recently privileged to meet and work with in Newry.

Please take time to read how she valued the learning opportunity and how enthusiastic she is and delighted to have been given local contact details for an FRT Reflexologist to develop the link.

“One of our classroom assistants provided me with information that she had found on the internet re: Functional Reflex Therapy. Health and well-being of pupils and staff is a priority on our school development plan and therefore I contacted Lorraine to discuss the opportunity to use FRT within our school and train staff on relaxation techniques. Up to this point we had never used Reflexology or Functional Reflex Therapy in school, however Lorraine kindly agreed to come over and train a number of teaching and non-teaching staff from our local special schools and has provided us with contacts of local Functional Reflex Therapy Reflexologist so that we can work collaboratively in the future.

Feedback from training was excellent with all staff commenting on the appropriateness of training in supporting and promoting FRT in school. Everyone acknowledged the value of using FRT with our pupils in supporting their holistic needs. Curriculum links and ideas were shared, and an online virtual learning environment used here in NI was set up to allow staff to share planning, ideas and resources.

All schools who participated have received and are adhering to guidelines provided. Information was shared with senior leadership teams as well as staff and parents.

Lorraine kindly provided the contact details of local FRT Reflexologist so that they can support the schools. Prior to training we were unaware of Reflexology or Functional Reflex Therapy so this link has been invaluable!

We understand there is a difference to using the services of a qualified Reflexologist. FRT relaxation is going to benefit ALL of our pupils from those with complex medical to pupils who require support and help to relax and manage their emotions. We have piloted relaxation sessions with pupils and feedback has been extremely positive with pupils responding appropriately and enjoying sessions!”

Caroline Currie | Principal
Rathore School, Newry, Co Down, BT35 8PJ

Thank you, Caroline and all your team, for your valuable feedback. I am excited and looking forward to my return visit to Newry later this year to train and support more staff with new skills and see the FRT rainbow relaxation routine being delivered in the classroom.

If you are a headteacher or a member of school staff and have enjoyed this blog and you would like to see a little FRT in action in the classroom enjoy a visit to https://www.functionalreflextherapy.co.uk/training/in-service-frt-training-for-schools

My aim for taking FRT into classroom is for staff to deliver the adult led positive touch activity to children they are familiar with and encourage the school to look at how they can then collaborate with qualified FRT Reflexologists in their local area. This collaboration would mean FRT Reflexologists could bring in their services to support pupils in your school delivering reflexology as a therapeutic intervention using the FRT Framework and support parents.