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My upcoming FRT book

My upcoming FRT Book

Thank you for your interest to know more about the up and coming book…

This page will be updated regularly with information about the book as it develops and share links to short videos where I will address all the many questions that I have received through the survey.

The current working title for the book! The Functional Reflex Therapy Framework & its many pathways – please note this will change but I just wanted to give it a shout out!

It will be an informative guide for reflexologists and is being written for all reflexologists, students of reflexology and tutors running schools teaching reflexology.

It may also be of interest to other professionals looking introduce the supportive therapy of reflexology into their organisation or environment.


The book will provide information, advice and practical tips about the FRT Framework. Helping you to feel more comfortable and more confident to deliver your reflexology to support children and adults who have communication issues, developmental or neurological disorders, additional and complex needs, severe, multiple and profound learning difficulties and help your reflexology to be accessible and enjoyed by all, irrespective of abilities or needs.

It draws upon many experiences and lessons I have learned from over 25 years as a class teacher in both the special and mainstream education system and over 12 years as a reflexologist.

1: A brief introduction to
The FRT book

Lorraine Senior explains how the idea for the FRT book came about.

2: FRT sounds complex is it? What is it all about?

Why have you given it the name FRT? Why have you designed a logo?

3: FRT helping you to view your therapy from another perspective

Will attending the FRT training course give me a qualification I need to work in this field? ….No.. and here’s why.

As a thank you for stopping by on this page if you would like to complete the section below with your name and email I will add you to the priority list for my book when it is available to order.

This will include priority to any special discounted offers. Your details will not be given to any third party they are strictly confidential and only to be used regarding the Functional Reflex Therapy Book.