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Ending your reflexology session with fun and laughter

It has been wonderful to see the important information shared during World Mental Health Day highlighting mental health awareness.

However, it is also important that we raise more than ‘awareness’ that we all look to do something to support our clients or make a difference in whatever way we can, but raising awareness is a great start!


This short blog will not be for everyone!

Squeezy Balls reflexology funBut I am hoping a thought from Functional Reflex Therapy might bring you a smile and as reflexologists sometimes making very small adaptations and bringing in new ideas beyond our touch can have such amazing benefits in many ways.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate and by no means underestimate the huge umbrella and seriousness that covers the complexity of mental health and I by no means belittle its enormity. However, along with the positive touch of reflexology for some of our clients, it might be that we consider reframing some of our sessions to support emotional well-being from a slightly different angle.

FRT reflexologists have a real FRT bag. There is a very important side to the FRT tool kit, too much to go into detail here, with how it can be used to support communication and help some clients with their preparation for reflexology therapy. But the contents can also bring much fun… and you can never underestimate the value of that.

As a reflexologist you may be supporting people (of all ages) with high levels of anxiety, with worry, with fretfulness, sadness, low self-esteem. Have you considered bringing a little fun into your therapy room and the value it can bring beyond your touch? I think we are all familiar with the many benefits that fun can bring to lower stress levels.

At the school I am based at, which is for young people up to the age of 19 with additional and complex needs and the adults I visit with intellectual difficulties in supportive living, I love preparing the FRT tool kit to make it right and appropriate for each person, there is usually something different in it for each client to be personally meaningful and fun for them. (It’s not always necessary and not always appropriate to use a real tool kit, but I do always try to finish with a little fun and laughter.)

Practice hand reflexology funYou may not deliver reflexology to young people in school, you may not work with adults with complex needs and learning difficulties, you may not use the Functional Reflex Therapy Framework, method of delivery or an FRT tool kit in your reflexology therapy sessions, but I wonder. Could there be a hidden value to bringing in a little fun, playfulness, smiles and laughter for all our clients at the end of a session. It can really lift your mood ( self-care and well-being for you without realising it whilst at work ) and positively lift mood and support the emotional well-being of your client, not only will they leave thinking about your wonderful reflexology, but they will remember that little bit of fun too.

Do you use any fun activities at the end of your reflexology sessions with any clients, children and/or adults where smiles or giggles lift spirits? I’d love to hear about them.

By the way… the squeezy balls are great for breathing activities (and of course cover the solar plexus) and the hand… Oh yes, looks a bit creepy but always brings a smile and a fun way to show self-care techniques … you should see the foot model that always brings much laughter.