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Embracing technology – Training for Schools

Embracing technology: Training for Schools

Online training for the classroom

Online training for the classroom

The Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Programme for the Classroom has gone online. Exciting and a tad scary at the same time!

Never believing I would be contemplating this pathway to support staff in schools, or how I could possibly make it work, but with requests from several special schools encouraging me, FRT has taken the leap to embrace technology.

Face-to-face versus online, well of course it’s not where we want to be! However, we are doing our best and looking to support the wellbeing of staff and pupils, as best we can.

The training requirement to attend does require at least two members of staff and an even number from each school, working together (in their bubble and following Covid-19 secure guidelines and the school’s protocol). We then work together virtually, as I guide staff through practical techniques.

The first online sessions were a success! We all worked together well, it looked so good, and staff commented that it felt so good! There were likes and dislikes, discussions and emotions shared, and most importantly staff will be making a difference in their classroom.

Must I have a partner for this training?

YES! The FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme for the Classroom is not just about learning the relaxation techniques drawn from the complementary therapy of reflexology! You need to feel comfortable and confident to deliver, but importantly you need to know what it feels like to receive the wonderful nurturing touch.

If you have not received the touch, felt the movements, felt the repetition, felt the rhythm and flow, how can you begin to have even the slightest idea of how your pupils will feel when they receive it from you?

The FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme for Schools does not replace the many benefits of having a qualified FRT reflexologist working as part of the team in your school, who can support individual pupils with reflexology expertise and who may also run workshops to support parents and carers. It supports the work of a qualified reflexologist.

How wonderful it would be to have a reflexology therapist in every school, with all the staff trained and supported to use the FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme in the Classroom.

The positive touch activity includes:

  • Introducing a structured wellbeing activity into your classroom;
  • Learning about some of the many benefits of positive touch;
  • Encouraging your pupils to be calm and to be in a good frame of mind;
  • Using the FRT classroom tool kit encouraging pupils to get involved and ready to take part;
  • Having fun with the rainbow and bring some smiles.

Online Training for SchoolsOnline Training for Schools

What did you feel about the training?

“I enjoyed the videos and diagrams. The most beneficial part of the training was being able to do the practical exercises on a staff member and feeling them too”

Stanton Vale School (2021)

“I loved the movements being given to me. I am really excited to introduce the activity into the classroom”

New Bradwell School Department (2021)

Hop over to the support for schools page to listen to the headteachers interview: www.functionalreflextherapy.co.uk/training/in-service-frt-training-for-schools

If you would like to book the online Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Programme for the Classroom or would like further information, please email me. I will then email to you the training information booklet, so you can decide if it is right for your staff, for your pupils and for your school.