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Communication Support for Therapists

Communication Support for Therapists

Communication Widgit

As a reflexology therapist using the Functional Reflex Therapy framework, the use of Widgit symbol resources, provides a visual support to assist my work. They help me to effectively communicate when working with children and adults with autism, special educational needs and communication issues. They are ideal to use in my therapy room, in school and within a residential environment.

Communication Support for Therapists

I use the symbols as part of the Functional Reflex Therapy tool kit to support text and the spoken word. I display objects and resources that are going to be used in the sessions and they provide meaning and help to communicate what is happening now or next; it helps the person know what they should expect.

Sometimes particularly children and adults with autism may find it very challenging understanding the spoken language. The use of symbols may help to reduce a little anxiousness by helping them to understand what is happening which allows them to be in a better frame of mind to enjoy receiving the reflexology therapy.

I have worked with Widgit over the last few years. I find the symbols very beneficial to support my work and I am pleased to share the information with other therapists that use the FRT Framework.

Widgit have provided symbols for my website, for use in magazine articles and a PowerPoint for a presentation at an international conference. You may enjoy learning more about the symbols and success stories and see the free symbols that can be downloaded at


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