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Functional Reflex Therapy

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Rainbow Relaxation for the Classroom

The FRT Rainbow Relaxation Programme for Schools ‘live and online’ training

An interactive and fun online training programme, professionally delivered by Lorraine Senior.

Aim of the training

To empower staff with the skills and confidence to deliver the Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Routine. To raise awareness of the many benefits of the FRT Rainbow Programme to promote wellbeing and relaxation within the classroom / educational setting.

Who can attend?

This is relevant for all staff supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities, PMLD and/or autism in the special or mainstream classroom environment.

Support the wellbeing of your pupils and your staff

Online FRT training for schools

Online training for the classroom

Requirement for online training

  • An active webcam to fully participate for practical observation.
  • At least 2 people (and an even number) from the same establishment to be able to attend the training together.
  • You will be working with each other on the practical activities (please note it is your responsibility to work within your school and government COVID guidelines and face coverings to be worn if required)
  • The delivering of the routine and the opportunity to experience receiving the nurturing routine is especially important; you need to know what it feels like for you. It is not just about delivering it to your pupils.

There are two options available

  • Hands only workshop - 7 hours.
    Interactive and guided practical session over zoom with adequate screen breaks pencilled in.
  • Hands and Feet workshop  - 10 hours (Two x 5 hours.)
    Interactive and guided practical sessions with your partner over zoom with adequate screen breaks pencilled in. Attending two sessions at least one week apart allows you a little time to work with the framework, build your confidence with the practical skills and list any questions ready for session two.

What does the training offer?

The training will provide you with a brief introduction to the complementary therapy of reflexology, help raise your awareness of the many benefits of safe, positive touch and the value it can bring into the classroom environment.

Opportunities to interact as the sessions are guided by and live with Lorraine.

Welcome and introduction to the agenda and house rules for the use of zoom and the training course.




Participant’s manual



Practical guidance online with Lorraine



The ‘starter’ FRT tool kit for each attendee. The FRT drawstring bag, tabard, towel, sample of unscented balm, spatula.



The FRT Rainbow mat for the hands and the feet



Guidance on how to introduce the FRT rainbow relaxation activity into the classroom.



Suggestions on how to develop the use of the story template.



FRT classroom support video for the hands



CPD certificate of attendance



Ongoing support via the FRT for Schools closed Facebook page.

Lorraine Senior is the only trainer of the FRT programme for schools, education establishments and private education consultants.

Call 01371 875372 or email her now to discuss how FRT training would help in your school

FRT Client Testimonial

“Very interesting informative course, Good mix of practical and discussion.”

LW Stanton Vale School (2021)

FRT Client Testimonial

“I enjoyed the videos and diagrams. The most beneficial part of the training was Being able to do the practical exercises on a staff member and feeling them too.”

LS Stanton Vale School (2021)

FRT Client Testimonial

“I loved the movements being given to me. I am really excited to introduce the activity into the classroom.”

New Bradwell School Department (2021)