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Quite a 'life changing ' experience for both Janet and I over the last week or more,  as our stay in Choma comes to an end, we have learned alot! 

It has been such a privilege to share the many benefits of Functional Reflex Therapy and work with everyone. It is fabulous to see FRT being enjoyed and already beginning to be introduced for a few pupils.

Thank you everyone at St Mulumba for your warm welcome, your enthusiasm for FRT, for your caring and your company.

We leave with a lovely invitation from the headteacher to return and to continue our work so we look forward to pencilling in our dates for a future visit. 

We received a special gift from the young people at St Mulumba on our last day as we bid them farewell.

The Choir at St Mulumba Special School close your eyes and enjoy a listen as I share their gift.

Thank you for following the FRT work in Zambia we hope you have enjoyed our photos.  

And so......we couldnt travel quite so far and not take a couple of days to do something very special, watch our for our final update ....we are two very lucky girls..... can you guess where we are going?  

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