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Functional Reflex Therapy rainbow international support for schools - Zambia

St MulumbaFunctional Reflex Therapy Reflexologists Lorraine Senior and Janet Hardman will be travelling to St Mulumba Special School in Choma, Zambia, Southern Africa in July 2017.

St Mulumba is a special place that provides a home, education and family support for 200 children with physical, emotional and life changing conditions. A number are orphaned, some have HIV+ and need very special care and support.

This project will

  • Share the FRT rainbow relaxation routine
  • Provide staff with training to deliver the positive touch therapy in the classroom and residential home.
  • Provide positive touch therapy activities for the classroom
  • Supply resources and equipment ‘FRT tool kit’ to give the project a good start
  • Share the many benefits of the complementary therapy of Reflexology which provides an understanding to introduce FRT

Regular delivery of FRT may help the children to

  • reduce high anxiety levels
  • be a little calmer
  • improve mood
  • be in a better state for learning and coping with their day
  • bring a lovely positive nurturing touch experience into their lifestyle

This project is looking to support the wellbeing of both pupils and the staff at St Mulumba.

Fundraising is underway to make this trip possible

Businesses or Individuals if you would like to support this project in some way please have a look at what we are getting up to and the support we are looking for and how you can get involved and drop us an email.

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